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Large Fleet Support: Scalability & Performance For Fleets of Any Size

Large and complicated vehicle fleets require a partner that can grow with them. Your mobile workforce automation plan includes an integrated GPS vehicle management solution that improves labor and resource efficiency by optimizing your mobile workforce. While each vendor competing for your business will make the same promises, not all of them may effectively deliver. Your company won’t wait for a system.

That is why SageQuest has created bespoke, customized features for large clients. When handling big quantities of vehicles, there are particular difficulties to be addressed. We’ve taken advantage of our experience in efficiently and effectively navigating through complicated issues to make it easier than ever to navigate through huge quantities of vehicles, drivers, and locations without sacrificing performance.

  • Track 20,000+ vehicles in one account without sacrificing performance whether you're running a report, navigating the map, or viewing trends in control center.
  • View 1000 vehicles at a time on the map without visual chaos. With elegant clustering and scalability to display large numbers of vehicles, it's no problem to manage your field activity, no matter how complex.
  • Stack rank 1000+ vehicles in control center. With the ability to compare large groups of vehicles, you'll be able to quickly identify your best and worst performers without having to dig through details.
  • High-performance reporting tools deliver the data you need, when you need it, without delays.
  • Control regional/departmental access to specific features and vehicles. When you have a complex business hierarchy, you need a system that can be set up the same way your business is set up. SageQuest makes it easy.

CMS International's fourth white paper, "The Missing Piece for Enterprise Workforce Effectiveness," explores how to choose the right GPS fleet management provider for large fleets. Find out how you may save money on field services and improve quality at the same time by clicking here.

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