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Keep a Safe Reputation on the Road and in the Field

Your reputation rides with the driver when your name is on the vehicle. Mobile Control was created to safeguard your brand, drivers, and cars from issues like poor driving, theft, and safety concerns.

Manage Liability With Real-Time Feedback

Increased liability can come from driver conduct and field conditions for mobile staff. To meet your objectives, you’ll need a real-time view to manage risks such as accidents and speeding tickets.

  • Our Speeding Alerts give you real-time feedback you can provide to drivers before situations get worse
  • Our Speeding report helps you understand trends in behavior and enforce longer-term safety policies
  • AVL/GPS prevents vehicle and asset theft with real-time visibility and alerts on activities like towing or unauthorized movement

Also, if a driver or technician finds themselves in an unsafe situation you can use real-time mapping to make it easy for dispatchers or supervisors to bring the right resources to the site.

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