Keeping the Customer Satisfied

With more competition in the communications industry than ever before, how your technical operations team responds to client demands plays a key role in customer satisfaction. Mobile Control and integrations created with our solution partners provide new insight that helps you improve service response time and quality while also lowering costs for your business.

A Proven Partner Across Communications

SageQuest’s success in the communication industries is based on years of experience working with large service providers. We’ve collaborated to tackle issues that their clients and own operations confront. Our emphasis on delivering more than data insight distinguishes us in the GPS/AVL industry. It has also been shown to result in a greater return on investment for our customers.

Dispatching technicians from last known location makes it hard to tighten service window commitments to customers

Take the burden off dispatchers with our real-time map that includes visibility into work orders from your workforce management system. Find the nearest technician or provide accurate ETAs to customers to tighten service windows.

Hundreds of technicians and thousands of work orders make visibility a challenge. You need a new way to manage resources

By integration with workforce management, Mobile Control creates a Work Order Summary report that shows executives how long work orders really take.

Our Management Summary report puts all key AVL metrics into a single view for easy comparison across key groups.

Use Control Center as a dashboard to get a quick review on performance using rankings, trends and customized benchmarks.

Supervisors don’t have key insight to technicians to keep them productive and accountable

Our Travel & Stops report integrates with work orders to show supervisors exactly where technicians are spending their day—work order stops or otherwise.

The Work Order Variance report shows supervisors the difference between the reported time for a work order versus the actual time spent on site.

Real-time alerts make it easy for supervisors to allow dispatching from home while minimizing unauthorized vehicle use and unsafe driving behavior.

Rising costs put pressure on the operating budget to do more with the same dollars

Our integration with workforce management systems creates visibility to make it easy to find ways to get more work done without more technicians or more overtime.

Our Fuel Card integration makes it easy to find fuel savings by identifying inefficient vehicles and driving behavior. Fuel savings across hundreds of vehicles justifies the ROI for many communications customers.

Managing risk and liability across a large-scale field organization is difficult and often expensive

Real-time location of your technicians makes it easy for dispatchers or supervisors to find a tech facing a safety issue and bring in the right resources.

Alerts and reports on driving behavior like speeding reduce your risk on the road.

AVL/GPS prevents vehicle and asset theft with real-time visibility and alerts on activities like towing or unauthorized movement.

Executives are under pressure to demonstrate a commitment to “going green" but don’t know where to start

A mobile workforce with hundreds of vehicles creates a big carbon footprint. Our Carbon Footprint report makes it easy to measure your workforce’s footprint and track progress to reducing it.

Integration: More Visibility, Not Just More Data

Our focus on communications companies helped us create a deep integration with workforce management systems. This integration goes beyond adding our dot to another map. It combines work order information with location information to create a more complete view of activity in supervisor and executive level reporting.

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