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Take Back Control of Your Monthly Fuel Bill

Fuel is a significant expense that feels difficult to manage, given its volatility and inefficiencies in driving behavior. Mobile Control allows you to discover cost savings and regain control of the pump by providing you with the tools you need.

Get Real-Time Insight on Your Fuel Transactions

Have you attempted to go through your entire monthly fuel card bill in an attempt to figure out what’s going on? It’s a time-consuming process, and the solutions aren’t always right there.

Mobile Control accurately tracks the contributors to fuel cost: speed, mileage and vehicle idling. Using a variety of reports and alerts, you can keep control in real-time or manage policies that prevent abuse.

  • Control Center lets managers and supervisor quickly look at who is generating the most fuel cost from long idling or high mileage, then dig into the detail where needed.
  • Real-time alerts on speeding and excess idling keep you in touch with costly activity as it happens, so you can prevent unnecessary expense before it goes too far.
  • Speeding and Exception Reports let you see the bigger picture and easily manage policies in place or create new ones to minimize the costs associated with high speeds and long idling.
  • Cut down mileage with our navigation tools and Garmin integration

Find Out Where the Gallons are Going

SageQuest may connect directly with your provider to submit transactions in Mobile Control if you use a fuel card for your fleet. Creating reports that combine gallons and cost with genuine mileage generates unique insights into the actual story of gasoline usage:

  • Fuel Consumption Track your true miles per gallon (MPG) for each vehicle
  • Fuel Efficiency See the gap between your true MPG and EPA estimates to understand which vehicles are inefficient
  • Fuel Slippage Identify instances where your assigned vehicle was not at the pump when the fuel card was being used.
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