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Getting More Done Without Spending More Money

People want to accomplish more with less money, but how do you know where to start? Mobile Control makes it simple to find ways to improve field jobs completed while keeping expenses in check.

Manage Liability With Real-Time Feedback

There’s a good chance that your drivers and technicians could complete more tasks every day. The challenge is to figure out where you may save time and how to maintain your staff accountable for high output.

Mobile Control gives your managers and supervisors the visibility they need to find opportunities for improvement:

  • Who’s getting the most work done per day? Use our Control Center to see who completes the most stops or work orders per day to create best practices for others.
  • Our Travel & Stops report lets you see every stop made during the day, making it easy to identify unauthorized stops and potential time savings.
  • Our Navigation tools including our Garmin integration improve routing efficiency so your team spends more time on the job, less time on the road.
  • The Proximity Report shows you instances where technicians were stopped close to one another, which could be caused by unauthorized support work or inefficient dispatching that’s impacting productivity.
  • Real-time alerts like Long Stop identify when jobs are running long so you can contact your team member and understand the delay.
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