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The EZ fleet tracking device is a small GPS device that you can attach to any vehicle. It sends an accurate location of the vehicle at all times. This means if your car is stolen, you will be able to track it down and get it back! With this tracker, there are no monthly fees or hidden charges. 

The only cost for this awesome product is the initial purchase price which ranges from $100 – $200 depending on what size package you would like. If your business uses vehicles then I highly recommend getting one of these devices for each one so that you have peace of mind knowing where they are located at all times!

What is EZ Fleet Tracking

EZ fleet tracking is a GPS, real-time vehicle tracking company that focuses on the package delivery market. It lets businesses track their fleets in real-time and provide accurate reporting so they can make informed decisions about future purchases. 

An example of how it would be used is if a business wanted to find out when a driver arrived at a customer’s address, as well as other metrics such as speed limit compliance or average fuel economy.

The company was founded in 2014 by Jeffrey Greenberg and Eli Khayat, who created the idea for ez fleet tracking while working for FedEx. The service has been adopted by several companies including CDK Global and APL Logistics. In 2016 Ez Fleet Tracking was honored as one of Business Journals’ Best Places to Work in Los Angeles.

The system is designed to be simple and easy for businesses to adopt, but also configurable to track more advanced information about the vehicles covered by the service. By using GPS tracking, companies can ensure that drivers are following company policies like speed limits or staying on route without excessive fuel usage.

The system is designed to provide useful information without placing restraints on drivers.

EZ Fleet tracking provides a number of features for its clients, including:

A free demo version of the service is available for interested companies to test out before deciding to sign up for a paid subscription. Any information gathered during the 30-day trial period stays in the closed systems and will not be shared with third parties or other businesses. 

There are no costs associated with registering and signing up for ez fleet tracking, and companies can begin using it immediately. ez fleet tracking was developed by Jeffrey Greenberg and Eli Khayat, who were both working for FedEx at the time of its creation. The two founders believed that there should be an easier way to track deliveries and found that no such system existed.

The two began work on EZ fleet tracking in 2012 and were soon joined by Shlomy Kattan, who is now the company’s chief technology officer. They ran a series of trials with companies to test out their product, including CDK Global and APL Logistics. The completed system was released to businesses in 2013 and has been growing since then.

The system initially gained popularity among delivery services like FedEx and UPS, but it can be used by any business with vehicles on the road.

The primary function of EZ fleet tracking is to provide a way for companies to track their vehicles at all times. The GPS system that it uses ensures that this is possible, as well as providing information on other metrics such as speed limits and efficient driving habits. 

In addition, the service offers several ways to visualize the collected data so businesses can make informed decisions based on what they find. For example, by plotting mileage over time, a company could see if certain drivers are driving more efficiently than others and choose them for routes where fuel economy is a priority.

By using a GPS tracking device installed in each vehicle the service covers, ez fleet tracking provides accurate real-time location information to its customers.

This lets companies monitor fleet activity without requiring constant oversight; for example, by comparing routes taken to the shortest distance possible companies can ensure that their drivers are choosing the best way to cover their deliveries.

It also provides information on vehicle maintenance and alerts managers when there is an issue with one of their vehicles, such as if it has broken down or needs fuel.

By monitoring speed limits, EZ fleet tracking ensures that each driver is following all local legislature regarding how fast they should be traveling. It also provides regular reports on speeding behavior so that managers can address any issues that may arise before they become dangerous or costly.

The system features a number of reporting tools that provide both data visualization and detailed analysis about each company’s vehicles at all times. 

For example, one report shows potential speeding violations, while another provides information on the most productive routes. By understanding where their employees are going and how fast they are getting there, managers can prevent inefficient use of company resources.

The GPS tracking system provided by EZ fleet tracking can also inform companies about upcoming traffic jams or road hazards that could affect a route before they happen. This way, drivers have a safer journey and managers can plan accordingly to avoid problems down the line.

EZ fleet tracking is designed for use with an unlimited number of vehicles from any type of business. Managers can choose from several service tiers depending on how much customization they need as well as whether they require live support services during regular business hours.

There is currently no cost associated with signing up for EZ fleet tracking. Businesses are only charged when the system is being used to track their vehicles, so they can get started without committing money upfront. The fee is based on how many vehicles are being tracked each month and ranges from $3 to $20 per vehicle depending on which service tier they choose.

The majority of users who have reviewed EZ fleet tracking have given it positive reviews, highlighting its thorough data analysis tools as well as straightforward reporting software. Some have found that there are problems with the accuracy of the GPS metrics during heavy rain or snowfall but otherwise, most praise the usefulness of its features for business management.

EZ Fleet tracking has several key advantages over competing products in this area. Because it offers a free trial, businesses can get started with the system without committing money to it, while its powerful real-time fleet tracking tools are easy to use. Coupled with its in-depth reporting software this makes ez fleet tracking an efficient option for any company looking to avoid inefficiencies when managing their vehicle fleets.

Wrap Up

EZ fleet tracking is a GPS device that tracks everything about your vehicles and mobile assets. Use this GPS device for business purposes only which helps you keep track of your vehicles. 

You can track the location of every vehicle, receive alerts when it is used for any purpose other than business, monitor fuel levels, create reports on monthly expenses and keep records of maintenance activities too. EZ fleet tracking takes care of all these things for you while improving your business efficiency.

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