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Fleet management is the backbone of any business. One of the most important aspects of fleet management is GPS tracking. Fleet tracking systems are expensive, but they can help to improve efficiency and reduce costs for your company!

Fleet GPS tracking systems are a great way to make sure your company vehicles don’t get lost on the road. With so many types of fleet management software on the market. 

It can be confusing and difficult to find just one that meets all of your needs. This blog post will outline some of the best features of each system and help you figure out which is right for you!

What is a Fleet GPS Tracking System?

Fleet GPS tracking systems are devices that can be installed in company vehicles. These devices provide the ability to track and record a large amount of data related to each vehicle’s location, driving habits, and status.

There are many benefits associated with fleet tracking software. Some include:  Reduced fuel costs – By monitoring how long it takes drivers to get from point A to B, you will know exactly where your money is going when they fill up their cars at the gas station. When every car on the road has a tracker installed in it there will be fewer accidents caused by distracted or impaired drivers.

The best fleet tracking systems will also provide you with detailed reports that can be used to help your business grow. Reports include everything from how many miles each car has driven, the number of hours it was in use for, and where employees are at any given time during their shift.

Best Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

After the fleet industry proved its strength, fighting COVID pandemic on the frontline has given way to a lot of GPS products and service providers. The sheer number can be overwhelming for those who are looking into getting one or more devices installed in their vehicle, but it’s worth every second if you’re worried about someone close!

It’s not just about knowing where your fleet is at any given moment. Tracking devices can help you manage fuel consumption and IFTA filing, so it pays off for all businesses to invest in one of these handy little gadgets!

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Matrack Fleet Tracking

Matrack’s telematics solutions are unparalleled when it comes to GPS and related products. Not only do they have a wide range of services on an extremely affordable budget, but their customizable options based on your needs mean that Matracks can be the perfect choice for any fleet!

Matrack GPS devices are the perfect option for fleet owners who want to stay on top of their game. Matrack’s location in real time, regulatory compliance, fuel management and 4G/LTE connectivity will help you optimize routes.

While tracking ETA data or analyzing driver behavior with its wide selection of customizable features like Geofence alerts where your vehicle could be at risk. With an affordable yet comprehensive FMS ( Fleet Management System) platform that’s easy to install. 

It means there is no need to worry about complicated software interfaces-mat Rack does this all behinds scenes!, MatRacK really does provide seamless user experience from start to finish

Pros                                                                                 Cons

  • Comprehensive GPS with FMS Solution         – No Dash Cam
  • Easy to Use & affordable
  • Platform is Responsive
  • No hidden Charge

GPS Trackit

GPSTrackit offers a number of customizable features that help you to enhance fleet performance without extra expenditure. It has easy-to-use products and services, as well as cost effectiveness for any size business or organization looking into improving their company’s efficiency rates by managing the logistics process more efficiently through advanced technology like this!

GPSTrackit devices are one of the best, affordable GPS solutions in their fleet management platform that are intuitive and user-friendly. It’s compatible with all mobile devices to provide an eagle’s eye view into your entire operation – fuel engine manpower vehicle & more at once!

With this app you can keep a close watch on anything that matters most while making informed decisions about how it affects other parts of our business too. 

Pros                                                                           Cons

  • No minimum number of Vehicles               – Extra cost of ELD compliance
  • No Activation Fee                                 
  • Free GPS with Subscription

Samsara Fleet Tracking

Samsara GPS devices for the fleet are absolutely top quality. They offer an all-inclusive telematics solution including location tracking and a complete business management package that includes insightful insight into your company, allowing you to streamline & reduce operating costs

Samsara offers high end products at competitive prices backed by their vast experience in this industry.

When it comes to managing your fleet, few companies offer the level of insight Samsara does. The plug-n-play device is easy for anyone with minimal experience in installation and data collection can provide some real benefits that will help you make informed decisions about resource allocation or personnel needs – all without ever leaving home!

Samsora offers high end GPS devices tailored specifically towards fleets (or organizations) who need better insights into their operations from a single source location which provides access at any time anywhere on any operating system including AppleWatchOS 4 integration.

Pros                                                                                 Cons

  • Free trial for a device                                    – No Hardwired units
  • Customizable Pricing
  • International Coverage
  • Vehicle diagnostics in depth

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect has a global reach with offices across the world. The company offers end-to-end fleet solutions for companies operating in multiple countries, including real time location and alerts on emergencies or thefts; inventory management to ensure you’re always compliant when it comes down to your vehicle needs (ELD & IFTA).

Verizon’s fleet management solutions are designed to help the company with its vast amount of data and reports, making it useful for big scaled operations.

Let’s talk about what makes Veronica Connect great for global fleets. For starters, it has a number of features that help users in performing cost analysis and improving low productivity areas such as tracking the location throughout every day with live maps or even idle time monitoring tools which will tell you when your vehicles are just sitting there doing nothing! 

There’s also reporting tools like driver logs so managers can keep track of how much fuel was used per mile driven by each truck during certain intervals (this is useful if one employee drives more than another). 

GPS devices are a great way for fleet managers to get access and see exactly what your drivers are up to. With all this information, you can better train them so that their work is safe while driving around town!

You’ll also have features like scheduling maintenance or optimizing routes with AI powered capabilities added on top of Verizon Connect’s other great perks such as instant reporting options- everything at one place!

Pros                                                                       Cons

  • International Coverage                     – Not suitable for small sized fleets
  • All-Powered Features                      – Expensive
  • Long Contract Periods


With Azuga Fleet GPS Tracking, you’ll never have to worry about losing your drivers. With the ability to track them in real time and see exactly where they are at all times–you can rest assured knowing that if anyone is going too far off route or doing something unsafe while on duty; we will find out fast!

Azuga fleet GPS tracking provides a level of abundance when it comes down to improving safety for truckers everywhere by giving an accurate depiction from their location within seconds. 

Rather than having days go by before any information becomes available which leaves our company vulnerable during those critical hours between 5pm-9am when visibility may be limited.

Azuga’s GPS devices are paired with their FleetMobile FMS solution that you can access on any mobile device of your choice. This platform provides regular updates for location, driving habits and more so managers can see how drivers work in real time!

Azuga is a leading provider of GPS enabled fleet management solutions to help small and medium sized businesses ensure the safety, security, legality as well as accountability for their drivers. They offer various telematics devices with dash cams that capture every moment inside or outside your vehicle- recording it all so you can never have too much evidence in case anything goes wrong!

With the Azuga device, you can automatically record your fuel expenses and take advantage of attractive discounts on insurance premiums. Reviewers have said these devices are approved by relevant authorities so they will help in filing taxes more easily!

Pros                                                                                Cons

  • Driver Coaching                                 – Not Suitable for FMS inclusive users                            
  • Included Dash Cam
  • Live Alerts
  • Fleet & Asset Trackers

How to Choose a GPS Device for Fleet Tracking Business

You can rely on our GPS fleet tracking solutions to keep tabs on the location of your cars at all times. This way, you know who’s coming and going as well as being able to close out any open orders for new work trucks or vans before they are needed! 

Real-Time Location Tracking and Geofencing

When you know the location of your vehicle, it’s easier to stay on top of everything. You can reroute around traffic and keep clients informed about ETA’s while also reducing wait times for loading or unloading; if one car needs assistance due any issues like broken down vehicles accidents ,the other ones will be able get back up without wasting time waiting around doing nothing at all!


With the GPS devices and FM, you can communicate back-and forth with your driver. With immediate alerts as well as notifications on hand for everything that is happening in your fleet; streamlining operations becomes much more efficient!


A properly maintained vehicle will not break down as often and use less fuel. With GPS tracking services like these, you can schedule regular maintenance checks to keep your car running smoothly all day long!


Your business can have a sustainable and environmentally friendly future with the right vehicles. Optimize routes for fuel-efficiency, maintain regular service intervals on time so it’s easy to get in touch when needed!

A well maintained fleet of cars or trucks not only helps you save money but also decreases carbon emissions making your company more nurturing towards our environment as whole


The data an FMS provides you with is key to your company’s success. The reports it generates can help improve productivity and provide insight into how well-organized or inefficient the workplace may be, giving managers more concrete information for decision making that benefits everyone involved in business! 

Benefits of Installing a Fleet GPS Tracking System

There are many benefits to installing a fleet GPS tracking system on your company’s vehicles. Some of these include increased safety, better efficiency and productivity, improved accountability, and lower operating costs.

Increased Safety Fleet GPS tracking systems help keep drivers safe by monitoring how long they have been on the road. The data can be viewed remotely so it is easy for supervisors to see if their employees are driving too many hours or falling asleep at the wheel. This helps prevent accidents from happening which benefits everyone involved but especially the people who own the company.

Fleet GPS Tracking Systems Help Make Your Company More Efficient and Productive

Fleet GPS trackers work by keeping an eye on your vehicles at once – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The information is saved and stored on an account that managers can access from anywhere in the world at any time. This makes it easy to check up on things while you are away from the office which saves time and money.

Increased Accountability As previously stated, fleet GPS tracking systems make it easy for managers to monitor their employees’ activities. Since they know where every vehicle is at all times, they will be more likely to trust their employees and allow them to take more responsibility .

Lower Operating Costs Many trucking companies spend thousands of dollars each month insuring their vehicles against damages or accidents when they aren’t even being driven. Fleet GPS trackers allow managers to keep tabs on when and where drivers take off-roading trips so uninsured expenses are not a concern.

Final Thought

For fleet GPS tracking that is both intuitive and affordable, we recommend TomTom. It’s easy to use for drivers and managers alike with features like the driver scorecard, which encourages safe driving habits in order to improve their overall rating. 

The software can be used offline so there are no worries about any outages or interruptions in service while on the road. And it offers a variety of business-grade tools such as route optimization and real-time location data updates without having to install additional hardware at your company headquarters! 

This system will help you manage your assets more efficiently than ever before–and even save money too by helping you better plan routes around high-congestion areas when possible.

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