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Vehicle repairs of any sort can quickly snowball into huge bills if you wait until a vehicle breaks down to take it in for service. As a fleet manager, you know that managing the scheduled maintenance for an entire fleet of vehicles can sometimes be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice if fleet service was performed before the repairs were deemed absolutely necessary?

We all know that preventative maintenance is beneficial, yet the challenge is identifying when to schedule it. Vehicles that have not been properly maintained can be dangerous on the roads and eventually lead to costly repairs. GPS tracking software can help keep track of your vehicle maintenance needs so you can make sure your business fleet is always in tip-top shape.

Here are a few services that SageQuest can help schedule alerts for:

  • Engine Tune-Ups. SageQuest can help keep track of the last time your vehicles had the service performed and alert you when the next one is due to be scheduled. It’s likely no surprise that the Environmental Protection Agency reports that a poorly-tuned engine can consume and emit up to 50% more fuel and emissions than one that is running properly.
  • Routine Maintenance. Keep track of the last time every fleet vehicle had its oil changed. Many vehicles can make it 5,000-7,000 miles before having the oil changed again. However, we recommend setting your alerts to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles. Oil changes keep your engine healthy and can increase the life of your vehicle.
  • Tire Pressure. According to the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association, tires should be checked once a month. Tires with low tire pressure are a danger to the driver and others. When a tire blows, it is expensive to replace and more often than not causes a business service disruption, which means lost revenue. In addition to being dangerous, low tire pressure is wasteful. According to Edmunds, an online source for automotive news, the Department of Transportation estimates that 5 million gallons of fuel per day are sacrificed to low tire pressure. That’s more than 2 billion gallons per year, just because people don’t take the time to inflate tires properly. Being proactive with checking your tires can help to prevent accidents and strengthen your bottom line.

Preventative maintenance can help reduce the chances that one of your vehicles will have an accident due to improper upkeep. We all know accidents and repairs are costly, especially when the vehicle’s equipment becomes permanently damaged. SageQuest’s GPS tracking solution can help to prevent both business disruptions and threats to profitability.

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