GPS Tracking Improves Efficiency in Summit Electric’s Large Fleet

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Managing Summit Electric Supply’s large fleet of 96 vehicles was no easy task for warehouse manager Drew Bergsma. When Bergsma joined the company as a manager, he was required to make several calls to locate a specific contractor during the day. The company was using a different GPS tracking solution. Even with the help of this other system, he was wasting precious time during the day and interrupting his technicians while on the job. Soon after he joined Summit, the company implemented SageQuest’s large fleet GPS tracking system on the 96-vehicle fleet. Since then, he has seen improvements in productivity and decreased misuse of company vehicles.

Rick Wright, facilities manager at the Dallas branch of Summit, has also seen positive developments since installing the SageQuest large fleet GPS tracking solution. With the previous GPS tracking system the company was using for the large fleet, Wright had issues with the GPS devices and was dealing with less-than-stellar customer service.  Summit Electric incurred fees for service calls when the devices weren’t working. When the company switched over to SageQuest, Bergsma found the customer service refreshing. The entire fleet was outfitted within a week and the managers were provided an in-depth orientation on how to use the software.

Bergsma loves that he can now view each truck’s location whenever he wants from his computer or smartphone. The GPS tracking capability is useful for helping to coordinate deliveries with sales representatives and customers. “Before, I would always have to call the drivers to see where they were,” recalls Bergsma. “They really couldn’t focus on their job. Now, with the tracking capability, I can better assist my sales reps, management, and other associates.”

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