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The method of tracking of measuring, analyzing, and improving visibility through the process of manufacturing products is known as production tracking. Through the manufacturing of the product from sourcing raw materials to the shipping of the final product, you can track each and every step of production and you can also improve it using the average data.

Production tracking software helps you to know the highs and lows of manufacturing and gives you a chance to prove the manufacturing process. When the tracking process is executed properly then it helps the company to get a great advantage out of it. It can also help you to detect the work of the employees even if you are not at work. 

Have you wondered how easy it has become to monitor the products by production software? 

Production software is basically software by which one can monitor production, profit, loss differences, and other things. Mostly, this type of software is used in big industry factories and for other business deals and more. This software releases the extra load of work and makes work easier. 

Everything, every calculation here is done through an app and it gives accurate results. The second thing which is important here is the possibility of error also decreases because of the software. The management of the company can get all the details of the production anywhere, anytime and the scam is production which is also very common nowadays will also decrease.

Just one software is giving lots of benefits to the management of the company, even if any error occurs in the software then it is fixable also. 

You can keep the record of production in one file; you don’t need to write it on different pages or something. This way all the information will be kept safe and can be used whenever it is necessary, also it becomes very easy to present the production rate in graphs because of this software.

Production tracking system today

The production tracking is executed and the whole result is displayed in the form of documents and displayed using the Excel sheet, whiteboard, or paper documents. All this data is recorded at every step of production and then submitted back to the central office for visibility. 

Production tracking is very important for any company because it helps you to track your company’s progress just like a report card and also helps you to know what improvement it needs. It helps you to make necessary changes wherever required and improve the efficiency of the company. 

Digital production tracking

Digital production tracking is the easiest and simplest way of collecting data. By digital tracking of the data, you can immediately know the efficiency of the work and then improve the shop floor. The transparency of the data decides the quick improvement of work. Using these data records the workers can work on the efficiency of production immediately. 

Features of the production tracking software 

Gantt charts 

prepare a bar chart that represents a project schedule that clarifies the dependency relations between the pending jobs, ongoing jobs, and the employees working in that time of work. 

Resource Management 

It helps to decide the best source and the use of raw materials for production. 


Preparing a schedule for the order of the project based on materials and staff availability. It helps you set a deadline, date, or benchmark for the work order. 

Sharing updates about production 

It also helps the producers to get updates about the production along the supply chains.

Organize team communication 

It also enables the team members to easily communicate with each other using the chat tool. 

Real-time production tracking software 

A cloud-based production tracking system helps you to track important production data in real time. Real lime production tracking helps you provide automated visualization of real-time manufacturing data, also historical analytics, which enables the workers to work smarter and faster, and also helps to make confident decisions.

Importance of using production tracking software 

As a producer, there would be a lot of pressure on one during the project. But if you manage everything and make a good film you can use software to keep the whole team and everything organized. Here are a few benefits of product tracking software. 

Customizing the production calendar 

While production, the project is always beneficial if you have a group calendar to keep everything organized including the members. Using the production tracking software helps you to control everything in the production. This helps you to remember the dates and deadlines which are important for the shoot. 

Finishing tasks away from the set

Sometimes, it is not possible for the producer to stay at the set the whole time during the shoot. If you have other projects or you cannot stay on the set then production tracking software helps you to do your work by staying away from sets. You can work with your workers using the internet while staying away from home. This tracking helps you to organize everything easily. 

Easily available databases of contacts 

The production manages a lot during the shoot, they have to manage a huge list of crew members, actors, and workers on the set. Using the production tracking software, you can keep a record of all the workers and also talk with them using the chat tool. To present good work in front of you the producers use production software to increase its efficiency. 

Software for production tracking 

There is a lot of production tracking software available on the web browser. You can use any of it according to your use. Some of the software is for big manufacturers and some for small ones. It enables them to work from anywhere and at any time. Here are some of the famous production tracking software that helps manufacturers to increase the efficiency and quality of their products. It also helps you to keep a record of the working employees, managers, and supervisors. 

BatchMaster ERP

BatchMaster software is the best and concentrated on formulating and providing manufacturing software solutions to the chemical, nutraceutical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. 

BatchMaster manufacturing helps to control the process of packaging, manufacturing, costing, and production. This helps the company to increase its production and also lower the price. They can easily track the efficiency of work. 

This app is so flexible that it can be used by both big and small manufacturers. This software also offers a monthly subscription program for users. Customers with annual sales of $1 to $150 can use it.


For manufacturers and logistics companies, ProductionNet is convenient software. It provides you with a real-time performance dashboard, production board, and data entry. ProductionNet clearly shows the overall effectiveness and allows the production to know its defects and tools and the work centers. 

On ProductionNet, you will get a digital record on the whiteboard with green for good performance and red for missed targets. It shows the defects and loss in performance. It gives you a quick and simple record of the issues in production. It also shows the performance of the manager, supervisors, and all the other workers. Also, the recorded data can easily be shared from the software.


Macola has been the best production tracking software for small manufacturers and distributors for 40 years. This app helps organizations to increase revenue, mitigate risk, reduce cost and also improve efficiency. 

This app aims to deliver the product within the budget and also plan the order of work regarding the material, labor, resources, and compliance.

We can also set an automatic alert for the things that we want in the time limit that we decide. You can easily reduce errors and also eliminate duplicate work. 

Macola also offers you storage, access, and version management for the things like policies, emails, meeting notes, product announcements, orders, invoices, and a lot more. It also offers you a personal workspace and a lot more features that help you in increasing the production of the industry. It can also be used to notify the people with what work they have been allowed with. It can be easily accessed from anywhere and at any time without any issue, all you need is a good internet connection. 


In this article, you will get to read about production tracking software. Here you will get to read how it works and how it helps to increase the efficiency of production by knowing the highs and lows. Also, you will get to read about the importance of production tracking software. Now recording digitally the production record has also helped to get a real-time idea about the efficiency of the production. The production tracking software helps you to increase the accuracy and speed of business operations. I hope you will find this article helpful. 

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