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If your business currently does not employ GPS tracking software, there are a few reasons why you are probably hesitant. As a business owner, you are always concerned about your bottom line. Adding a new, and possibly expensive, technology to your company probably isn’t high on your priority list. Among the reasons for not already having fleet tracking, the perceived cost of a solution is most likely a concern. Perhaps you don’t think your company can afford GPS tracking software for your fleet vehicles.

While it appears to be a costly investment, a fleet tracking solution doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. With any investment, you should also analyze the possible return. Many SageQuest customers have said that the solution has saved so much money that it essentially has paid for itself. Use our ROI Calculator to see how much you could possibly save with the SageQuest solution.

Too Good to Be True

You should shy away from systems that offer a price that appears “too good to be true.” It usually is too good to be true and you are stuck with a piece of junk. Any system that is going to cost you less than $30 per vehicle per month is just trying to get your money. Many GPS tracking software companies also require that you pay a large upfront fee for GPS devices. SageQuest’s devices are included in your monthly cost, so you don’t have to spend a great deal on outfitting your fleet, in addition to the “low monthly cost” these other providers are offering.

How can you afford NOT to?

GPS tracking software is designed to not only keep track of your fleet vehicles but also to provide valuable data to improve your business. A tracking solution can identify which vehicles are idling too much and wasting expensive fuel. How can your company afford to NOT know about excessive idling that is occurring in your fleet? If your drivers are using their work vehicles on their spare time or for side jobs, that is also a waste of company funds and resources. How can you justify paying for not only the additional gas used, but also the eventual maintenance needed because of the added wear and tear on your vehicles?

Consider the scenario in which one of your fleet vehicles is stolen. The vehicle in itself is expensive, but it also contains expensive company equipment. Without fleet tracking, the police department is only able to do so much for you. They can put out a search for your vehicle but there is no guarantee that you will find it or recover any of the equipment inside. With GPS tracking software, you will be able to provide the police with all information pertaining to the location of that vehicle. You can know exactly where the vehicle made stops and for how long it was stopped. You may not be able to recover all of your equipment, but you have a better chance if you know exactly where the vehicle has been and how long it was there. In a case like this, how would you be able to justify not having fleet tracking? Surely the loss of a vehicle, the equipment in the vehicle, and the time used to figure out the whole mess are greater than the cost of implementing GPS tracking for your fleet.

The decision to implement GPS tracking software is not one to be taken lightly. But before you go with the cheapest option or rule it out altogether, make sure you look at your possible return on investment. Don’t wait too long- sometimes indecision can be costly too.

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